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18 November 2008 @ 02:00 pm
Poem: Color by Hunger  
He told me he was seeing red,
that he was angry.
But scientifically, he was wrong.

I read in a newspaper article
last week that lots of scientists
with nothing better to do
like cure cancer or AIDS or something
have done studies about colors
and what they actually make you feel.

Red makes you hungry.
These studies, I guess, are to help out
with advertising campaigns.
Which is why the McDonald’s logo has red.
So when he said he was seeing red
he wasn’t angry, he was hungry.
He was wrong because

Yellow makes you angry.
Which makes smiley faces really ironic,
if you think about it.
Most people don’t.
I try to picture him seeing yellow
as he spits out lemony words.
Which always means he’ll eat later.
He eats when he’s angry
and I never thought about it before.
But now that I know what I do
about science and colors
I hope he stays away from the bananas.

Green makes you calm.
And I wish he’d pay attention
to what I’m
trying to say, trying to tell him about green.
He doesn’t know what I know
about advertising techniques
and what I do when I’m angry.
It’s the little pieces of knowledge that
hold it together.
And since I can’t show him green,
like the Emerald City in the Wizard of Oz
I tell him about the little things.

Blue makes you full.
The night outside is different,
just like the color of crying
and the color of anger--
anger is redder, greedier.
Like hunger.
So while he is seeing red
hunger behind me,
the blue of the night
makes me full.